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1-Kellenberger Kel-Varia cylindrical grinder, simultaneous four axis capability

1-Mori Seiki NV5000A/40 Vertical Machining Center
2-Tree 3 Axis Cnc mill with Dynapath system
1-Cincinnati Sabre 750 CNC milling machine
1-Cincinnati Sabre 750 CNC milling machine with C axis
2-Alliant milling machines with DRO
2-Bridgeport milling machines with DRO
1-LeBlond Makino lathe with DRO
2-Mori Seiki CNC turning centers

1-Okamoto 8-20DX grinder w/ Crossfeed digital display

1-Okamoto 6-18 linear manual grinder w/ Sony digital display
1-Okamoto 12 x 24 surface grinder
1-Okamoto 6 x 18 hand feed grinder with Sony digital readout

1-Mitsui 6 x 12 surface grinder with detru
1-Boyer Schultz 6 x 12 surface grinder
1-Brown & Sharpe cylindrical grinder
1-Gorton cutter grinder
1-Agie Mondo 20 CNC EDM machine with 3-R system
1-Agie Mondo 30 CNC EDM machine with 3-R system
1-Agie Mondo Star 50 CNC EDM machine with 3-R system

1-Cincinnati Bickford radial drill
1-Milwaukee No. 3 miller
1-Sunnun hone machine

1-Ultraform UF-5000 Ultrasonic polisher

1-Deckel SOE Cutter Grinder
1-Dake band saw
3-Full seats Surfcam 2000.1 3D package

1-IBM D-size plotter

1-NEW-HP Designjet 500-42" plotter


1- 28-ton Arburg vertical/horizontal
4-Precision Theico ovens
2-Cumberland grinders
3-IMS mold temperature controllers
2-Sterlco temperature controllers
1-Inco 6 zone hot runner temperature controller
1-Conair hopper loader


1-Starrett HD400 Optical Comparator
Sybron digimeter scale
Pratt & Whitney carbide inspection grade gauge blocks
Starrett Webber gauge blocks
Workshop grade blocks
Precision granite surface plates
Browne & Sharpe cadillac gauge
Starrett micrometers (0-12 inches)
Browne & Sharpe and Starrett dial indicators
Browne & Sharpe verniers (up to 25 inches)
Precision gauge pins




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